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tula_peiwa's Journal

15 August
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My name is Tu and I've never enjoyed writing about myself. There are so many things I'd write about before I take on the ball of emotions and hair that is me.

I live in California, but I travel as much as possible. A lot of that travel is made possible by going to school in New York. For some reason going to this school has made me go more places that aren't NYC than really makes sense. No complaints here.

I'm majoring in complit. Every time I say that at a social gathering, some econ kid eyerolls and prepares to make the "Have fun waitressing" joke.

I like jokes that are amusing. And puns. And cats. My apartment in NY has a strick no pets policy, but luckily I still have access to the family furcreatures.

I like friends. If you friend me, feel free to say hi. I'm not always the most social creature, but I don't bite.